Remediate or Accelerate
in a One-to-One Classroom

Fusion Academy is an accredited school for middle and high school students. We offer core and elective classes for credit that can transfer to other accredited schools. In our one-to-one classrooms our teacher/mentors personalize instruction for student strengths, interests, and learning preferences. In this completely customized environment, students are fully engaged with learning and see incredible success.

Why take Classes
for Credit at Fusion?

  • Personalized, one-to-one teaching
  • Customized schedule
  • Catch up on missed credits
  • Get extra support on a tough class
  • Take a class not offered at your current school

Academic Core Classes

Students take core classes for credit at Fusion to make up a grade, get ahead in credits, or take a tough class in a personalized environment.

Popular classes:

  • Algebra
  • Spanish
  • US History
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
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Elective and Unique Classes

Fusion offers numerous electives and unique classes in art, music, tech, and more. Students come to Fusion to take classes that aren’t offered at their school, or to dig deeper into an area they’re passionate about in a personalized class.

Popular classes:

  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Science
  • Robotics
  • DJ Performing Arts
  • 3D Modeling
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Homeschoolers! Supplement Your Curriculum

Homeschool Support

Families who homeschool utilize our classes for credit to supplement their program. We can support with lab sciences, higher-level math classes, world languages, or anything else your child wants to explore!

Course Offerings

Fusion offers core classes and unique electives for our middle and high school students. All courses meet or exceed state standards and are customized in our one-to-one classrooms for the strengths, interests, and learning preferences of every individual student. Courses can be taken at essential and college prep levels and certain courses have honors levels available.

Each year more courses are added by our team of curriculum writers. For more information on the following courses or to see a list of UC-approved (California only) and NCAA course lists, connect directly with your nearest campus.

High School Courses

English History Math Music & Art Science Language PE Electives

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Ancient Civilization

Big History Project - World History

Cultural Geography


US History

Modern World History

DC History (DC only)

Human Geography (MN only)

MD & US Government (MD only)

NJ US History 1 (NJ only)

NJ US History 2 (NJ only)

VA & US Government (VA only)

VA & US History (VA only)

World History (TX only)


Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Extended

Algebra 2 with Trigonometry

Business Calculus

Business Math



Consumer Math


Integrated Math 1-3

Math Analysis with Trigonometry

Math Models with Applications (TX only)




Animation Production

Art History

Digital Photography 1-4

Advanced Digital Photography

Film Studies

Graphic Design

Portfolio Development

Studio Art 1-5

Advanced Studio Art

Theater Appreciation

Bass 1-2

Drums 1-2

Guitar 1-2

Music Appreciation

Music Theory 1-4


Recording Arts 1-4

Advanced Recording Arts


Vocal Fundamentals 1-2

Anatomy & Physiology




Conceptual Chemistry

Conceptual Physics

Earth Space Science


Environmental Science

Forensic Science

Integrated Chemistry and Physics (TX only)

Marine Biology


Regents Lab Course

American Sign Language 1-5

French 1-5

German 1-4

Hebrew 1-4

Italian 1-3

Japanese 1-3

Latin 1-4

Mandarin 1-5

Spanish 1-5

World Language Conversation

Board Sports 1-4

Group Board Sports 1-4


Foundations of Personal Fitness 1-4

Group PE 1-4

Independent PE 1-4

PE & Health (FL Only)

Yoga 1-4


3D Modeling

African American History



Building Electronics: Systems & Games

Business Communications

Business Entrepreneurship

Business Law

Careers in Criminal Justice


Community Minds

Computer Programming 1

Computer Programming 2

Computer Science

Controversies in American Politics

Creative Writing

Deaf Studies


Executive Skills

Game Design 1

Game Design 2

Global Perspectives


Life Skills



Personal Finance



Positive Psychology

Post-Secondary Exploration


Research and Technical Writing

Roadtrip Nation



Social Entrepreneurship

Social Justice


Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Study Skills

The Science and Practice of Mindfulness


Work Experience

Middle School Courses

English History Math Music & Art Science Language PE Electives

MS English 6

MS English 7

MS English 8

MS Language Arts 6

MS Language Arts 7

MS Language Arts 8

MS Civics, Geography & Economics

MS Early US History

MS Early World Cultures

MS Early World History: Ancient Civilizations

MS Early World History: Medieval & Early Modern History

MS Modern Geography

MS Modern US History

MS GA Modern Geography: Course 1 (GA Only)

MS GA Modern Geography: Course 2 (GA Only)

MS GA State History (GA Only)

MS Minnesota Studies (MN Only)

MS NC & US History (NC only)

MS TX State History (TX Only)

MS Washington State History (WA only)

MS Course 1

MS Course 2

MS Pre-Algebra

Algebra 1

MS Art & Music

MS Earth Science

MS Integrated Science 1

MS Integrated Science 2

MS Integrated Science 3

MS Life Science

MS Physical Science

MS American Sign Language

MS French

MS Japanese

MS Latin

MS Mandarin

MS Spanish

MS World Language Dialogue

MS Board Sports

MS Foundations of Personal Fitness 6, 7, 8

MS Group PE 6, 7, 8

MS Health

MS Independent PE 6, 7, 8

MS Yoga 6, 7, 8

MS 2D Studio Art

MS Art 6, 7, 8

MS Career Exploration

MS Coding

MS Community Minds

MS Computer 6, 7, 8

MS Digital Art & Design

MS Digital Citizenship

MS Digital Photography 6, 7, 8

MS Exploring Business

MS Exploring Health Science

MS Exploring Information Technology

MS Game Design

MS Journalism

MS Music 6, 7, 8

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